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High Speed Dial-up Providers

High-speed dial-up Internet access is a great alternative if you don't have a DSL or cable Internet provider available yet in your area. High-speed dial-up technology allows you to surf the Internet up to 8 times faster than regular dial-up Internet. Compare the high-speed dial-up Internet offers below and sign up to the plan you want now online.

NetZero HiSpeed 3G
  • 1st Month is FREE (pay $14.95 per month thereafter)
  • Netzero 3G is the fastest dial-up surfing you can get*
  • Netzero 3G offers Instant On! access: get Instant Access to Email and Web Content
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Free Norton AntiVirus™ Online
  • Pop-up Blocker included
  • Get 100 free minutes per month with Netzero Voice Internet Phone service
  • Reliable connections - thousands of access numbers nationwide
  • 2 GB of email storage
  • Junk email filters and email virus protection
  • No banner ads
  • Email access from any computer, anywhere, anytime
  • Instant messaging compatibility with popular programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo!
  • Fast, easy sign-up and installation
  • No credit card is required, no annual commitment
  • Exclusive Connection Guarantee: Netzero will get you connected in your first month or refund your fee

Bottom Line: NetZero 3G is one of the top high speed dialup Internet solutions. The 1st month is free if you decide to try this Netzero plan. HiSpeed
  • Pay $7.47/mo. for your 1st 3 months ($14.95 per month thereafter)
  • Surf the Internet up to 19X faster than regular dialup
  • Get up to 5 email address
  • Pop-up blocker is included
  • Free Call Alert
  • Security and privacy protection
  • Toll Free Tech Support
  • Cancel anytime

Bottom Line: This is the recommended dialup Internet plan. You can download files quicker with this plan of the regular dialup service.
Basic ISP Accelerated
  • 1st month is free ($9.95 per month thereafter)
  • Surf the Internet up to 6x faster than regular dialup Internet service
  • Free Popup Blocker
  • No Setup Fee 
  • 46,000+ Local Access Numbers (U.S. & Canada)   
  • E-Mail Account Included (   
  • Email Anti-SPAM Protection  
  • Web Based E-mail  
  • Basic ISP supports V.92 and web accelerator connections   
  • Instant Online Account Activation (no CD required)  
  • 24hr Online (Email) Technical Support   
  • PC, MAC, WEBTV Compatible 
  • 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Bottom Line: This Basic ISP plan is an Accelerated Internet plan. If you need dial-up Internet this is the recommended Basic ISP plan because the download speeds are faster than regular dialup.
Juno Turbo
  • Pay $9.95 per month for your 1st 12 months
  • Surf the Internet up to 5x faster than regular dial-up
  • Unlimited Internet access with Juno Platinum included
  • Free Norton AntiVirus™ Online
  • Access your email and favorite Web content instantly, without waiting to connect with Juno InstaView
  • Pop-Up Blocker included
  • 2 GB of Email Storage with Spam & Virus Protection
  • Exclusive Connection Guarantee: Juno Turbo will get you connected in your first month or refund your fee

Bottom Line: Juno Turbo accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem. Juno Turbo includes the Juno Platinum service and requires no additional equipment and no waiting. It is Juno's high-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dial-up.
Turbo USA
  • Pay just $1 for your 1st month (it's $8.95 per month thereafter)
  • Free Accelerator
  • Surf up to 7 times faster than regular dialup
  • Up to 5 e-mail accounts included
  • Pop-up blocker & spam protection
  • Toll-free support (located in USA)
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Bottom Line: Turbo USA is an affordable accelerated Internet service. This service is unique as their staff is all in the good 'ol USA.


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Yahoo! Web Hosting

Yahoo! Web Hosting
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High Speed Dialup Internet Review

One of the reasons dialup Internet access has managed to stick around so long is because the technology continues to improve.  Today the big innovation is something called high speed dialup Internet access, which is just what it sounds like – a faster way to surf the Web through a dial-up connection.  Top high speed dialup Internet providers have found a number of ways to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of your phone line, and the results can be impressive.  Although the maximum carrying capacity for phone lines remains roughly 56K for upload and download, smart programming and other workarounds have made the experience for more efficient for users across the country.  If you are looking for something faster than traditional dialup but don't have the budget for pricey broadband, high-speed dialup Internet may offer a nice compromise.

The way it works is actually quite simple.  Data compression is an elegant process that eliminates the need to transmit repetitive information over and over again.  If three Web pages in a row all use the same icons and menu, for instance, there is simply no need to download that data each time you open a new page.  Accelerated Internet access solutions create a kind of shorthand for sites such as these, letting your computer save and reuse familiar pages that might otherwise clog your connection.  Many of these accelerated internet access services also strip away ads and other data-heavy applications for a more streamlined surfing experience.
It works.  Although high-speed dialup Internet cannot change the actual speed of your phone line, it can make it effectively faster by being far more efficient.  The main benefit of high speed dialup Internet such as this is that it is far less expensive than DSL or cable broadband – the service often costs $12 a month or less.  Best of all, you don't need anyone to install anything, and it comes with no hardware whatsoever – a boon if you do not relish the thought of waiting around for modems and workmen.  If you have a basic modem built into your computer or you use a freestanding modem that runs at 56K (almost all do), you have everything you need to connect your computer and take advantage of inexpensive, accelerated Internet access.

There is a significant difference between basic dialup and high speed dialup Internet, and today that difference can be measured in just a few extra dollars a month.  If you are on the fence about broadband but have grown tired of that clunky dialup interface, you may want to check out the most popular high speed dialup Internet service providers listed on our website. 

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